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What treatment has worked best for your Heel Pain?
Powerstep Insoles
Night Splints
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Life After Ossa-Tripsy

What will happen on the day of the Ossa-tripsy treatment?

Your doctor will probably ask you to come to the hospital or surgery center a few hours before your ossatripsy treatment is scheduled. You should wear shorts or loose fitting clothing that can easily be rolled up on the knee of your affected leg. Otherwise, you may be asked to change from your own clothes into a hospital gown. The staff may take your temperature, pulse and blood pressure and ask you some questions about your general health. They also will make sure you have signed a consent form for the ossatripsy treatment.

The ossatripsy treatment may cause some pain or discomfort, so an anesthetic is commonly given before the procedure. Usually, this is a local anesthetic or a regional anesthetic called a heel block. During the ossatripsy treatment, you will be asked to rest comfortably on your back while your doctor holds your foot up to the OssaTron shock head.

What will happen after the Ossa-tripsy treatment?

Immediately after treatment, you will stay at the hospital or surgery center until the anesthetic wears off enough that it is safe for you to walk. Your doctor will probably ask you to restrict 'stressful activity' involving the treated foot for four weeks after treatment. 'Stressful activity' may include running or jogging, doing heavy housework or yard work, and participating in sports.

Some patients need a mild pain medication following ossatripsy treatment. Although some patients in the clinical study felt immediate relief from pain after the ossatripsy treatment, it is more common for it to take up to six weeks for pain relief to begin.
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